iPhone turns 5

Today one of the worlds revolutionary gadgets, an item that changed the way we comunicate turns 5.    Back in 2007 the iPhone was introduced under lots of hype and expectation.   It was January 2007 when Steve Jobs finally unveiled the so called Jesus Phone.  It was something to behold, nothing else had the slickness and style the iPhone wore, and it instantly became the most wanted gadget in the business.  It took sometime for it to hit the mainstream as it had fierce rivals in RIM with its flagship Blackberry.   Today it ranks as the number one mobile device in the world and has totally changed the way we look at a portable phone.    Competitors have changed and Apple is now facing bigger challenges with software makers Google and Microsoft as they have completely put aside well known mobile phone makers Nokia, Motorola and RIM.     Congratulations iPhone, 5 years is a lot in tech years.

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