L8 Smartlight: Silent Assistant Notifies You About Anything

In today’s high intensity world, notifications are the easiest way not to lose track of your day. I personally am I notification junkie. Most people are highly focused on work and listening to music on head phones so they need a highly visible notifications to keep up with daily tasks. If this sounds like you then this Kickstarter project names L8 Smartlight might be something worth trying out.

It is square shaped box made out of 64 LED lights on one side, and am enhanced singular LED light on the other side. The L8 can be synced with your computer or smartphone making it possible for it to notify you when you receive a: call, email, text, facebook or twitter message, app notification, etc.

Basically, you can program the Smartlight to turn on whenever you want it to. The cool thing is that you can program specific colors, shapes or color patterns for every different type of notification. It can even be used with as a turn by turn navigation system. It’s noteworthy because you control the possibilities of what it can do.

The L8 Smartlight was created by a San Diego based group that is currently seeking, so if you want to get one for yourself, go to their Kickstarter page to pledge your donation or for more details visit their webpage:  http://www.l8smartlight.com.

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