The quarterfinals are set: Germany vs Italy – Portugal vs Spain

The Euro Cup is the second most important Soccer Tournament in the world, only behind the world cup.   Most of the best teams in the world reside in the European continent.  They also have the best Club Leagues in the world, so when you really think about it, the winner of the Euro Cup is a strong candidate to win the World Cup.    In 2008, Spain wound up winning the cup and eventually won the world cup in 2010.   In this year’s edition we’ve seen the resurgence of Cristiano Ronaldo as a National Team force, Germany’s overpowering domination in their group and Spain’s solidification as the world’s best team.  We’ve also seen the English fall again to poor football as well as the Italian prove their pedigree.   As we get to the quarterfinals, what can we expect to see?  Who will get to the finals?

Germany vs Italy

This is a very intriguing matchup as both teams have shown they’re worth their claim as the best of the best.   Germany is the same old polished well oiled complex machine that works to perfection that sometimes seems too mechanical to be human.  Italy on the other hand play out the catenaccio style to perfection continuing the traditions of old exemplified by their passion and finesse.   The Germans have been considered the favorite to lift the trophy in the end and have lived up to that expectation until now.  Will they be able to get past the strong Italian team?  My guess is that they won’t.  Italy’s style will be too much and will nullify Germany’s strengths.  Look for Italy to win by the smallest margin.

The Republika Prediction:  Italy 1 Germany 0


Portugal Vs Spain

Many believe that this will be a blowout.   Spain is a team that looks and acts like a club team and in many ways they are.  Many of their players are team mates in other clubs.  Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two best teams in the world have given Spain the players to lead them to their first ever world cup, and this year’s team isn’t very different.   Portugal relies on the strength of one of the best players the world has ever seen in Cristiano Ronaldo, an explosive striker that has led the team up to this point almost single handedly.   Yesterday a good friend of mine gave me the best reason to rank Ronaldo second behind Messi as the best player in the world.  He tells me that when teams concentrate their defense in him he gets lost in the equation whilst Messi usually escapes this and still scores.   In this matchup vs Spain I visualize this happening.  Spain knows Ronaldo very well and they will probably double team him the whole game in order for him to disappear.   This will happen and Spain will win a fairly easy game against their rivals.

The Republika Prediction:  Spain 2 Portugal 0

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