The Avengers hits 600 Million Domestic Gross

The Avengers has now become the third movie to reach the six hundred million mark.  It has also reached 1.4 billion in worldwide gross, far behind from number two Titanic that reached 2.1 billion.    The number one grossing movie of all time worldwide is still Avatar with 2.7 billion and it also holds the record for most grossing domestic film with 760 million.    If we take a hold inflation the biggest movie of all time is still Gone With The Wind with an adjusted gross of 1.6 billion domestic gross alone!   So even though Avengers seems to be a huge hit, it pales in comparison to the biggest hits in movie history.   The real champions of domestic gross are the following (Considering Inflation):

1.-Gone with the wind   1,600,000
2.-Star Wars 1,400,000
3.-The Sound of Music 1,127,000
4.-E.T. The Extraterrestrial  1,123,000
5.-Titanic 1,074,000
6.-The Ten Commandments 1,037,000
7.-Jaws 1,014,000
8.-Doctor Zhivago 983,000
9.-The Exorcist 876,000
10.-Snow White 863,000

14.-Avatar 770,000

27.-Avengers 600,000

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