Vodka and other Russian Curiosities

Vodka is Russia’s national gastronomical treasure as its importance is invaluable.     As you may know, many drinks that represent a country are often misinterpreted in how its supposed to be served.  How do the Russians use their own national drink?

1.-There are no particular reasons to when or why drink Vodka.  Russians like to drink it most with good friends and company.

2.-There are multiple different flavors: Honey, lemon, hazelnut, birch.

3.-Vodka is never mixed, its taken straight.

4.-It should be poured in small glasses, known as Riumka.

5.-No ice should be added, Vodka bottles should be put in the refrigerator before drinking.

6.-Zakuskis and Vodka go together perfectly

7.-There should be a toast before drinking.   The most common words used for a toast are “Na zdarovie”

8.-Both Russians and Foreigners are obliged to toast in russian at least once.

9.- There are complete books dedicated to toasting!

10.-If you want to please the hosts you have to drink at least three glasses of vodka.

11.-The one that drinks more vodka without getting drunk is respected and often known as “The one who knows how to drink”

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2 thoughts on “Vodka and other Russian Curiosities

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