Movie Review: Men in Black 3


I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Will Smith as an entertainer.  I don’t find him funny or good at what he does.  When he was given the task of taking the role of one of my heroes, Muhammad Ali, I was frightened what he would do with the character.  The movie sucked and his performance was what I was expecting.  Lame.   That being said I enjoyed this movie to a certain extent.  Tommy Lee Jones is always a good solution to any movie that doesn’t have a good theme as he always lights up the screen with his excellent acting and humor.   He also makes Smith a better actor as they both have pretty good chemistry together.   When I learned that Tommy wasn’t going to be in most of the movie I declared the movie a sure failure, but right when I saw the name Josh Brolin in the cast I gave it a second thought.

Josh (Young Agent K) represents a young Tommy Lee Jones (Old Agent K)  in the movie as Will Smith (Agent J) has to go back in time in order to save his buddy from being killed by Boris The Animal.  As it turns out, the movie goes out as you expect it to, never surprising you but keeping you amused and entertained for most of the time.  It starts out a little bit slow, but once you get to the middle part it goes all out.   The ending has a few surprises here and there, mainly one that finally tells you about the real relationship between both Agent J and K.   Its pure sentimental joy from here on as many of you will learn once you watch it.  Its an overall average popcorn movie that serves the term Hollywood Summer Blockbuster to a certain extent.  I recommend it more as a rental as it isn’t worth the high prices of Cinema.     If you happen to have the opportunity to watch it in 3D Digital, do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate as its the only way its worth it on the silver screen.

SCORE 5.9 out of 10.0

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