Interesting take on Pacquiao-Bradley

Boxing is a tough sport to judge, when you have a house fighter being cheered in every second of the fight by the crowd and on TV by the Television Network’s announcers (HBO), it’s sometimes difficult to give credit to his opponent.   A little more than a week ago, Manny Pacquiao was “robbed” of his title by the Nevada Judges that gave his supposed easy win away to Timothy Bradley.  As we all know by now, Bradley wasn’t well known before the fight and nobody cared if he would lose.  He was also a huge underdog against the machine that is Pac man.  The actual result was a win for the California native and everybody cried robbery.  Two of the three official judges gave the fight by a margin of 7-5 rounds to Bradley and one by the same score to Pacquiao.   48 of the 51 media members polled at ringside gave the fight to Manny and most of them agreed it wasn’t close.   The question now lies, have we all been blinded by Manny’s style?  Is he really landing those punches?  How much punishment does he receive?     HBO Unofficial judge, Harold Lederman gave 11 out of the 12 rounds to Pacquiao.   Lederman has been known to judge all fights in favor of Manny, including an 8-4 advantage for the Phillipino monster against his heated rival Juan Manuel Marquez, which most of the ringside media saw in favor of the mexican star.     HBO may be contributing as much  to the controversy as well as to Pacquiao’s perceived dominance in the ring.  Upon further review, a fellow fan posted the following video that demands analysis.   Pac Man’s performance is explained to detail showing us many of the overrated punches.  He also shows us how Timothy landed way more than given credit, making a good case for a closer fight than what many said.    Judge for yourself.  Is the Pac Man being perceived as better than he really is?

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