Boxing Nation: Chavez Jr vs a Real Opponent … Andy Lee

Many of you may not know mister Andy Lee and may think Son of Legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is picking his prey once again, but make no mistake, this kid is a real fighter that may very well end Chavez’ undefeated record.    This is a big step up in class and a welcomed one as Julio has been often perceived as facing soft opposition.   Initial reaction by the media denial as nobody believed they were actually taking this fight, but now, one day before the fight, the picks are really coming in.   Some members are picking Chavez as the logical winner but others are favoring Lee’s size (yes, he is bigger than Chavez) over the young lion from Culiacan.      Here at The Republika we hadn’t made up our mind on who would actually win this fight, but after close analysis we have come to a conclusion.

Watching today’s weigh in reminded us of the size disparity between both middleweight boxers.    The size diference on paper doesn’t seem to be as much as when they stand side by side, as Chavez Jr’s 6’1″ looks small vs Lee’s 6’2″.    Julio’s main advantage has always been his size, strength and resilience; he never seems to take a step backwards and is often the bigger man in the ring.  He also has underrated boxing skills, a killer left hook to the body and moderate power in both hands.   His chin has proven to be sturdy and seems to have inherited his father’s ability to receive a punch.    He isn’t as defensively good as his dad was but is able to sustain punishment with a good stance.     Lee is a little bit slower and also receives a good amount of damage, he has already been knocked out once and that could prove to be the difference.    Now, inside the ring things could be very different as Chavez Jr tends to blow up two to three divisions by fight night.   Marco Antonio Rubio, a large middleweight himself, found himself fighting a Light Heavyweight once fight time.

If this happens, Andy will become the small man in the ring even though his height is bigger.   This will probably be the situation once fight time, look for Julio to overpower and outmuscle him throughout the fight, ending the hard fought battle inside ten rounds.     If this prediction does take place, Chavez Jr. will face probably the biggest challenge in his career with Sergio Martinez in September.   The manner in which he dismantles his opponent tomorrow night will surely give us a good look at what Jr really brings to the table against one of the Top 5 pound for pound fighters in the world today.  Exciting weekend in boxing, looking forward in taking the bad taste in the mouth left by the robbery that was last week in Las Vegas.

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