iOS 6 underwhelming

Yeah, 3D maps sounds and looks cool, but how bout a killer app much like Siri was 1 year ago?   I was very disappointed with yesterday’s announcement of the features that will be included with Apple’s latest iteration of their flagship mobile operating system iOS 6.      If we look at the five most exciting features that Techcrunch recently published in iOS 6, we certainly are looking at a very limited amount of things to look forward this fall.     Maps will look cool, but how many of you will actually use it? Its a cool app to show off the power of your iPad 3 to your frieds, but really, it isn’t all that.    Facebook connectivity is also cool, but its just really something that has already been done.   Even the Blackberry Curve, back in the day, had a feature that connected the whole phone with Facebook (well, not really, but it did integrate contacts).

The passbook is also something that doesn’t sound as exciting as its functionality might prove, but again, it isn’t something to be crying home about.    Siri has been also upgraded to have more functions, the ones you were probably expecting from day one, like ask for a football score, or reserve a table in Morton’s.     We also get Facetime through celular, something we were all expecting from day one.  This is another of those things you say, do you really announce something that was widely expected as a new feature to wow us with?  I know Apple is a company the perfects its features before it releases it unlike other companies who don’t care to release beta versions of their apps, but come on, some of these features should’ve been available from day one.  The phone app’s new capabilities are very cool for us iPhone users, but maybe its a joke to other brands users.

Safari iCloud tabs is a cool addition to their cloud features, as you can now continue your browsing in another of your devices right where you left off.   Mail VIP’s isn’t something i’m terribly excited about either.    Probably my favorite feature this year is that they are finally bringing spanish to Siri, that will finally make this feature available for Latin America and Spain.   Siri is finally here for Latinos!     Everything else is just a very slow update to their operating system.    Disappointed.



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