E3 2012: The winners and losers

This year’s E3 will forever be remembered as the year the big 3 gave away their opportunity to show us why they are the kings of the videogame world.   Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo stunk the building with their press conferences boring us to death with nothing to cry home about.   Mostly it was Nintendo’s moment to shine but they decided to not give us anything new and leaves us speculating in why their new system the Wii U will suck or why it may eventually win.      Really, do you think any of these big three companies did anything to outclass each other?    Microsoft tried to impress us with a lame Wii U/Tablet controller clone with its Smart Glass and only looked stupid doing so.  Sony didn’t do anything but show us a bunch o games that failed to impress and finally Nintendo showed their new system without giving us Specs, Price or the Franchise games we were waiting.    So who won?  The answer is probably something we didn’t expect, but the winner is a company that wasn’t there:  Apple.

Apple is now the new king of gaming with their iOS systems ruling the game world.   Even if they still don’t have the hardcore gamer in, they definitely have the casual one, and they are making millions because of this.   Nintendo which was once the king of mobile devices is now lacking with its Nintendo 3DS which is a very underwhelming effort by the Japanese juggernaut.   Sony has also been stinking it with the Vita which has the horsepower to impress but doesn’t deliver once its in your hands.     Microsoft and Sony still have next year to introduce its next generation of graphical powerhouses in the XBOX Next and the Playstation 4.    If we go by the video that Square-Enix presented we now know what kind of graphics we’ll be seeing in the future.   Nintendo doesn’t seem to care once again as the Wii U does seem to compete graphically wise with this generation of systems but will certainly pale against the likes of the future home consoles that will be coming next years holiday season.

As some fellow gaming sites have said, the real winners were software companies like Ubisoft, which brought all sorts of games to the table that are promising and even ZombieU which comes out for the Wii U at launch looks to be the killer app the system needs.    Games like Assassins  Creed III, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6 and newcomers like Watch Dog are the buzz of the show.  Good!  Its all about the games isn’t it?  The future looks cloudy for the big systems but games are looking as awesome as ever.    Lets see what Apple has to say next week in their annual WWDC.

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