Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

This week we get the second big fight of the year.   Whenever Manny Pacquiao fights the boxing world is put to a complete stop in order to watch its biggest player perform.   Ok, well, its not the only day this happens as Floyd Mayweather claims to be the P4P pay per view champ, but hey, I love how it sounds.   Manny Pacquiao didn’t look as dominant in his last fight against arch rival Juan Manuel Marquez, his mexican foe that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard the usually explosive Pacman tries.    People began questioning if he had begun to slip, and by this premise he wants to prove them all wrong.   This Saturday he faces probably his toughest challenger yet,  California native, Timothy Bradley, a tough and rough undefeated champion that hopes to jump in to the big leagues with a big time performance against the pride of the Philippines.

As we close in on Saturdays fight questions arise concerning Pacquiao’s focus.  It is said that last time against Marquez he wasn’t completely in to the fight because he was dealing with marital problems even though Mr. Freddy Roach said he had the best camp ever. Roach himself has admitted that Manny wasn’t himself before the fight and that he believes that his personal problems had everything to do with it.   Why should we believe that this time around is no different?  Freddy is now saying the same thing all over again, that Pacquiao is in the best form ever and that he is back to being the Manny of old.  Come on Roach, we don’t believe you anymore.   I know you have to say those things but don’t come out after the fight saying that you had a bad camp, its disrespectful to the fighters.

As of Bradley, he seems to have had the best camp ever for sure.  He might be getting this opportunity only once and he is poised to get the most out of it.    My bet is that he will fight a hard fight and make Pacquiao think for a while, but the thing is, Manny isn’t Devon Alexander or Lamont Peterson, he is Manny PACMAN FREAKING Pacquiao, one of the best ever.  When he steps in to the ring and gets hit by those lightning fast awkward combinations he is going to know what the big leagues are all about.  This will be the time when Tim either folds under pressure or goes out with a bang.   My bet is that he will not survive.  Even though 24/7 has managed to be entertaining this time around, and mostly because of Tim and the ongoing battle (supposedly) between Alex Ariza and Freddy, i’m going to go out and predict a blowout.    Manny wins by KO inside 10 rounds.   Sorry Tim, you just aren’t good enough to step against the likes of The Destroyer and the Welterweight forces just yet.  You are too small and fragile for these boys.

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