Nintendo bore us to death with then new Wii U at E3

Wow, what a stinker.    Nintendo has been known for their innovating products throughout the years, with their original Nintendo Entertainment System to their revolutionary Wii.    They single handedly revived the industry and just recently revolutionized it once again with their motion control system.    With the Nintendo DS they brought a touch screen to the mix which has been copied many times including the iOS devices.  Today they mix all their technologies together to bring us the Wii U.   Even though we already knew much about this device we had yet to see it in action.   Graphics would blow us away with gameplay that would bring new back to the table.  Their 2012 E3 conference was probably the most anticipated.  What would they bring to the table?  Well I’m afraid to say that it was a very underwhelming presentation and if this is what they are putting the future in to, its not going to be very bright.    The Wii U is faster more powerful Wii with a new Gamepad that features a touchscreen.   This brings many new possibilities to the table, but unfortunately with the games they presented today failed to impress anybody.

Reggie and all of his presenters aren’t anywhere near Steve Jobs to excite us on stage.  As a matter of fact they had me sleeping most of the conference.  Being a big Nintendo fan, I was deeply disappointed with the presentation and can now say that in the next game cycle Nintendo is destined to become the next Sega, a sole software company.    Super Mario Wii U, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong, Pikmin and Animal Crossing were some of the highlights presented at the conference, with most of them failing to impress.    Ubisoft was a big presenter at the conference giving us a couple of games that looked promising.  ZombieU did look as a true effort to use the WiiU’s capabilities and it did succeed in impressing the audience.    Lets see what the future holds for the Japanese company.

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