The Avengers breaking all records

The Avengers continue to break records as the weeks go by.  For the third week in a row they lead the box office, this time over a Hasbro board game inspired movie Battleship with 55.1 million, a 47% drop from last week taking its total to 457.1 million, the 6th of all time.  Lets see if it can break Avatar’s record as the most grossing film of all time.  Here is the top 10.

1.-Avatar (760.5)

2.-Titanic (658.6)

3.-The Dark Knight (533.3)

4.-Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (474.5)

5.-Star Wars: A new Hope (461)

6.-The Avengers (457.1)

7.-Shrek 2 (436.7)

8.-E.T. The Extraterrestrial (435)

9.-Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC (423.3)

10.-The Lion King (422.8)

All figures in millions

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5 thoughts on “The Avengers breaking all records

  1. Alright. A lot of people are making a lot of noise about these records being broken and I guess I’ll say something about it: Whatever. I mean, inflation, the fact that some movies showings are doubled by the fact that there is 2D and 3D…and that 3D costs about $4 more then the 2D ticket…this stuff is never taken into consideration when we look at the “records”. It’s always just flat cash. That being said, I LOVED this film and plan on buying the DVD instantly.

      • Well, I wasn’t blaming you. I just think it’s all a bit silly. I mean, you can’t even just do number of tickets sold because the amount available increases for every movie every year. I’m happy that it is doing so well, I’m a huge comic book person, but I feel like it’s become some sort of arguing point against other big movies. Thanks for responding.

      • I think you are right! As I was writing my post I was thinking the same thing you said. I’ve seen lists considering inflation and Gone With The wind blows everything away. But consider the options people had in those days. Only theaters to watch movies, no dvd, blu ray, netflix, iTunes. There was no other choice. Todays tickets are actually more expensive and as you said, there are more options for the same movie. 3D, imax, even 4D! So you cant really measure it by the same stick. Today The Avengers is the movie everybody wants to see, much like Avatar was a couple of years ago and Titanic in the 90′s. Nobody wanted to miss it!

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