Rumor: New entry level Full Frame Nikon Camera: D600

There is a rumor rolling around for the past few weeks about a new entry level full frame camera from Nikon. The D600 as its being called would be a totally new inexpensive ($1500) full frame camera that wouldn’t compete with any of the products Nikon currently sells. This could be a new way Nikon would be managing there DSLR camera lineup; the DX line being sold in three forms, D3X00, D5X00 and D7X00. While on the full frame side they would have the D4, D800 and D600. The specs are pretty awesome though as it would have most of the features that make their other full frame cameras some of the best in the business with afordability involved. The is talk of a kit lense that would be in the range of 24-75mm. We’ll see what the following weeks bring us. For now here are some of the rumored specs curtesy of

39 AF points
5 fps
2 SD cards with support for eye-fi
Two us settings U1 and U2
Built in retouching software
Fn button
HD Video
24mp full frame sensor (sony moded by nikon)
Auto DX crop mode
Built in HDR
RAW editor
Summer release
No built is focus motor much like the D5100 and D3200

Mo to come as information releases. Stay tuned!


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