Roger Waters’ The Wall comes to California

For the next week we’ll have a series of concerts throughout California that are can’t miss for fans and non-fans of Pink Floyd.   Roger Waters brings its multi acclaimed The Wall tour to the Golden State with three dates in its main cities.  For the lucky ones who had the chance of seeing him in late 2010 you’ll know this is one of the best events that you’ll ever attend.   No doubt it will be one of the hottest ticket in town as Waters and Pink Floyd concerts are some of the best.     Roger Waters is celebrating the 3oth anniversary of the multiplatinum hit album The Wall bringing an almost exact modernized replica of the original tour’s concept.    Many of you may know the story behind this conceptual tour, for those that don’t here is the pitch.

Roger thought that after touring and touring for years, with every audience growing to larger scales his connection with his fans was growing apart.   He felt that there was a wall growing between them and his public.  He decided to make a real wall during the playing of their concept album until the band wasn’t visible to the public.  This didn’t sound very appealing, but worked as far as a spectacle is concerned.     Today it even works better as the only member of the band that people really want to see is Roger, so when The Wall is actually completed you only get to see him and the ultra large projection screen.     Modern technology helps enhance the experience as it The Wall and its projections look absolutely astonishing.      If you have a chance to attend any of these concerts we at The Republika can’t recommend a concert more than The Wall, its truly the best we’ve ever attended.   Make yourself a favor and go!

Dates in California

5/11 San Francisco, CA

5/13 San Diego, CA

5/19 Los Angeles, CA

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