Guardiola resigns as FC Barcelona coach

Pep Guardiola, FC Barcelona’s multi-acclaimed Football Coach has shockingly resigned as the head of the club.   This comes at the verge of two painful loses in the hands of heated rival Real Madrid and english premier league champion’s league finalist Chelsea.     For a club as successful as Barcelona, not winning the Champions League or La Liga is as bad as descending for other teams.  So much is expected of these clubs that there is no way that they can lose at this level with so much money put in to them.   The pressure has been very high and Guardiola has decided that he has had enough and needs a rest.   Many coaches in the past have resigned in this kind of situation with the same reasons, its no secret that being in this kind of position demands a high level of commitment and when your body says no more, its time to move on.

Players were obviously disappointed since their team wasn’t exactly a loser.   Many consider Barcelona either the best team in the world or at least in the top 3 or 4.   There is no shame in losing a game against a rival as tough as Real Madrid or Chelsea, this are the big leagues and once in a while you are bound to lose.     Pep Guardiola has won it all.  As a player he won 6 leagues, 2 Copa’s del Rey, 1 European Cup, 1 European Recopa and 2 European Super Cup’s.    As a coach he leaves with 3 Liga titles, 3 Super Cup’s, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 European Champions League, 2 Club world cup’s and 1 European Super Club.   A truly remarkable run with the club.

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