The Facebook Phone may be a reality after all

A new rumor hit today that HTC and Facebook are “secretly” developing a new smart phone.     The rumor suggest that both companies are co-developing a customized Android phone that would integrate all of the social networks functions in to the device.      A couple of years ago Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg stated that they didn’t want to compete with Apple or Droid after it was reported that Facebook were developing their own phone, as of today that might have changed.

The deal is that using a customized Android OS, HTC would develop a phone that would integrate Facebook in to the phone, making a new graphical interface that is linked directly to the key features that make the social network unique.   Considering the power of the Facebook brand, this could very well be a success.  Most features that are included in Facebook are already big reasons alone to make it completely viable as a stand alone internet software.  It links you to other websites and now with Instagram included we may have the complete package.

Today it makes more sense to give Facebook a good chance of having some sort of success with their mobile phone ideas.  Nobody gave Apple a chance when they started, even Google was doubtful.    Who would have thought 10 years ago that Apple and Google would be dominating the mobile phone market?   Certainly not Motorola or Nokia.   Today its not far fetched to think that Facebook or any other .com company could dominate mobile phones in the future.  Mark Zuckerburg knows this and trust me, he will embrace it.

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