Travel: Hidden Romantic getaways

Not all of you want to Travel to explore new places.  Some of you want to go with your significant other, relax and just a chilling time.    Not every city in the world demands to be explored like Prague or Paris, there are some places that demand you to just lay down and rest.   There are places in the world that explode in romance, some of them are pretty well known but what about those hidden places that nobody thinks about when thinking about a romantic getaway?

Hit the Road to Mendoza Wine Country Argentina

Talk about a romantic getaway.   Hitting the Mendoza wine country is what I call a complete romance trip.      Drinking wine has always been linked with a good romantic dinner, and no better place to experience this than in one of the most well known wine trails in the world just aside of the Andes.

New Caledonia’s beautiful scenery 

Unforgettable nights and sights await you in New Caledonia’s beautiful set.  No place screams romantic as this beautiful hidden place around the pacific.

Outback love in Cable Beach, Australia

One of the most popular sites in Australia, Cable Beach with its Tropical Climate is one of the more secluded romantic places to go with your significant other. Camel Riding and Nude beaches add to the exoticness of this far away land making it even more interesting for eccentric couples.

African dream at Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Not many know about this far away land in the coast of Kenya.    These beaches of the Indian Ocean offer an exclusive look at the blue waters, white sand and UNESCO heritage site Lamu Town for your romantic pleasure.  Truly a hidden place that your beloved one will enjoy.

Private Beach at El Tamarindo, México. 

Mexico’s beaches are some of the best in the world, how bout a private little hidden place in Jalisco called El Tamarindo where exclusivity is the name of the game.  Cristal clear waters await in this beautiful Mexican beach.

A secluded hideway at Las Casitas de Colca Hotel in Peru

Not many places can be called hidden as well as Las Casitas de Colca in Peru, a beautiful hotel situated in southern Peru.  Ride a horse, walk the mountains or just chill in this hidden magical valley.

Step in to the forest in Banjaar Tola, India

At the edge of a national park, Banjaar Tola has inspired books and films as its setting in the deep forests of India give nature lovers a place to embrace romance.   Wildlife include 200 species of birds and one of the most exotic animals in the world, the Bengal Tiger.

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