Game of Thrones Season 2 Preview

HBO’s medieval fantasy, Game of Thrones premiered last year with high production values and rave reviews.   Some call it Lord of the Rings with porn, and for good reason as it mixes a fantasy medieval world of Westeros filled with deceit, treason, lust, treasury  and all capital sins combined.    For those who have been watching, you know that tomorrows Season 2 premier marks a year of waiting impatiently for what is sure to be a great followup to an already awesome series.    (Spoiler Alert)

I’m a big fan of this genre and when Game of Thrones was announced I was filled with joy and anticipation.   It didn’t disappoint, even though it was a little bit confusing in the beginning.   As the episodes marched on, I started to get a sense that things would get pretty nasty by season’s end, and boy did they get interesting.   Ned’s sudden death left many of us in shock until today, it was probably one of the most eye opening TV moments in recent memory and I still can’t get over it.      It’s not common to see a primary character eliminated in the very first season of a series but it happened.

As the story marches on we are left with many questions regarding Westeros inevitable destiny.   With Ned’s death we were given a glimpse of how the series may surprise us.     Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son seems to be the logical hero as he joined the Night Watch.   My prediction as that he and Daenerys will eventually be the new rulers of Westeros.    The son of ill fated hand of the king and the true rulers of the throne finally unite to take the crown away from heir to the throne Jofrey.   Love the idea!

Daenerys dragons are a big topic of doubt for this new season.  Everybody who saw the first season knows that this had to be one of the coolest moments in the series.    There is something about this girl that makes me fall in love for her every time I see her.  She has this sort of mystique combined with beauty that just blows everybody’s mind everything she fills the screen.  Her relationship with Drogo was probably one of the strangest I have ever seen but it made sense.   Her brother’s evil plans didn’t work out for him as he was given what he asked for, a golden crown but not in the way he expected it to be.

How bout the Lannister crowd? Jaime “The king slayer” Lannister banging his sister was stuff of legends, his phrase at the end of the first episode “the things one does for love” after pushing the youngest of the Stark’s, Bran to death (he survived though).   We see him getting caught by the Night Watch and finally may get what he deserves.

I am very hyped up for the season premier, almost as much as I was with Mad Men, lets see what they bring to the table and hope that it lives up to all anticipation.

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