Top 10 Mad Men Episodes

TV’s best drama finally comes back March 25 after a 17 month hiatus, giving us fans something to care about the show other than stupid negotiations that we don’t want to hear about.   Now, celebrating the return of our favorite show, we give you the Top 10 shows of the previous 4 award winning seasons.

10.-Christmas comes but once a year (Episode 2 Season 4)

Don Draper receives a letter from his daughter sally for christmas which depresses him and puts him more in the flush zone.  Roger Sterling mistakingly invites Lee Garner Jr to the agency’s  Christmas party (which is on a budget) only to get embarrassed in front of everybody when the Lucky Strike owner forces him to put on a Santa Claus costume.

9.-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Pilot)

The very first Mad Men episode where we are introduced to Don Draper in a very unlikely scenario we rarely see him in, at least for the first two seasons, trying to find an idea for his biggest client Lucky Strike and not getting it.   We are introduced to Peggy, Pete, Joan, Sterling and all the favorites in a vary interesting way, we also get a glimpse of the way Don works as a man, office man and family guy.

8.- The Beautiful Girls (Episode 9 Season 4)

Coopers former secretary and now Don’s dies in the middle of the office, meanwhile Sally, comes in to the office by her self and makes a big scene in front of everybody.    Don asks Dr. Faye Miller to help him out with the girl only to fail miserably.  Megan, an office secretary consoles Sally effortlessly while Don watches, being the first time Draper notices his future fiancee.

7.-The Jet Set (Season 2, Episode 11)

Don and Pete go to California for a convention.  Don ends up leaving Pete in the hotel after meeting a young intriguing girl.   He goes off to Palm Springs and meets a group of strange people that have him on his heels.   Roger Sterling proposes to young Jane Siegel and Betty goes out with a guy that turns out to be homosexual.

6.-Out of Town (Season 3 Episode 1)

Don and Salvatore fly out to Baltimore to meet with the owners of London Fog, one of their clients.   After a brief encounter with some girls, they end up each one going to their room.   One of the bell boys goes homosexual on Salvatore, sensing that he is also gay, and he replies.    As the fire alarm goes of, Don discovers Salvatore’s little secret.   Very intelligently Don shows him the copy he created for London Fog to Salvatore, giving him a hint of what he has to say about what he saw: “Limit your Exposure” brilliant!

5.-Hands and Knees (Episode 10 Season 4)

This is the first time the agency is been affected by Don’s secrets as North American Aviation, a big client Pete Campbell grabbed while Don left in “The Jet Set” Episode, asks for a Security Clearance.   They investigate Don and go visit Betty. She calls Don and tells him what happened.   Draper has an anxiety attack and confesses to Dr. Faye his little secret.  He asks Pete to set aside the account which infuriates him, telling Don that he doesn’t need to put the agency’s future in jeopardy because of people like him.

4.-Nixon vs Kennedy (Season 1 Episode 12)

Pete Campbell threatens Don of giving up his well kept double identity if he doesn’t give him the job he wants.   For the first time we see Draper truly challenged and puts the audience in a nervous mood making it one of the most interesting episodes in the series.  We also get to see what happened during the war when Dick changed the tags with Don and his return.

3.-The Wheel (Season 1 Episode 13)

Probably one of the most inspiring episodes in all of Mad Men as Don Draper reminds himself that family matters making this the stimulus for his Carrousel Kodak speech.

2.-Guy walks in to Advertising Agency (Season 3, Episode 6)

As the agency is taking over by new ownership, they schedule a visit which starts speculation on why they would do that.  Cooper suggests that they have been eying Don’s work and that they probably want to send him to London.  As it turns out things don’t go as plan, they first send Lane to Bombay to build a new branch of the agency, and bring in a new young stud to  run the agency, as he presents himself he gives Joan his farewell because she is leaving soon to begin her new life as a wife.   Something unexpected happens though, Lois, one of the commuter secretaries grabs the wheel of a John Deere machine Ken brought and runs over the Brit’s foot bathing everybody in blood.   Things stay as they were thankfully!

1.-The Suitcase (Season 4, Episode 7)

This is without a doubt my favorite episode yet.  As most of the people in the office are watching Boxing, Don and Peggy stay in the office all night working on copy for a Suitcase, the problem is that Don knows he has to make a call to hear something he doesn’t want to hear, the death of his beloved best friend and the only woman who truly knows Dick Whitman for who he is, Anna Draper.   He knew he had Cancer and he received a call earlier that he couldn’t get.    He postpones the moment getting drunk and not letting Peggy go to her birthday party.  She has a big fight with Don and finally explodes with all her frustrations having one of the best scenes in Mad Men history.   Here we see a side of Peggy that we hadn’t seen before and we can tell the appreciation Don has for her talents.    After they stay there, Don tells Peggy he has to make a call and finally does it only to receive the unebable news, his friend has died.   He breaks out crying in front of Peggy.  Masterful episode!

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