Does The New iPad merit disappointment or is the customer wrong?

Technology these days seems to never be enough for the customers expectations.    People expect each year to see their new products totally overwhelm past years iterations.    The two latest disappointments come in the form of iPad and iPhone by Apple.  As the days were approaching the release of the iPhone 4s, nobody new what to expect, but they sure did know what they wanted.  There were numerous mockups rolling the web of what people expected the product to look like.   Some were way off base and others looked so cool that people were getting more hyped up that they should have.    Reality was that there wasn’t going to be an iPhone 5 or a radical new design with 3D capabilities (as many were suggesting).     If you’ve been looking closely throughout the years (like I have) you would have noticed Apple’s product cycle (in terms of design).  With the iPhone they have released the product, used the design for a second year with a speed bump.   The same happened this time around with the iPhone 4, so we can now expect a radical design change with this years version probably called The New iPhone.     With the iPad we have the same thing going, and I can easily see the logic.

A new design is a serious investment in this kind of business, you don’t just change a product from one year to the other.  A company needs to make their investment worth the trouble and not only that, a product like the iPhone and iPad rely on third party accessories that also have design and high production values.  In order for these companies to make profit, they need time to sell their products and Apple knows this.    Now, if we put this aside do you really think technology is advancing at such a high pace that we need to have revolutionary products each year?    Can you really afford to be changing your gadgets every 12 months?    How bout those who really struggle to save up for this kind of electronic computer, do you think its fair for them to see their product become obsolete just a year after they bought it?     Apple and all computer and phone makers know this is not the way it works.

The New iPad is truly a breakthrough product in ways the regular consumer can’t actually see right now.  Its internal processor, the A5x is a powerful little chip that not only promises state of the art graphics (the new retina display demands it to cover up those new pixels), its also delivering on its promise.   Tests by different magazines and websites show that the A5x processor beats up on most of the better graphics cards by big time companies like NVIDIA.   This is amazing considering that on paper it shouldn’t be doing this.   This tells you how far technology within Apple has advanced and learned from their own products and experience.    Apple makes its own Operating Systems for their hardware, this guarantees you that they have tested their product to work as advertised.  The same cannot be said by others as they are compatible with different sorts of machines that don’t always perform as promised.    This is a big factor in favor of Apple, they can actually deliver with their products.

Now, not everything they do is good enough, SIRI isn’t that big of a deal for me, as its interface is clunky and doesn’t work as promised.  But that is an exception for this company.  For those who still own the very first iPad you can gladly say that it still isn’t obsolete, it does most of the things the new one does.   The main difference may be the camera as the first one didn’t have it.   But other than that it still performs pretty good against its own newer version.  The iPad 2 is a very to date product probably beating out every other tablet on the market besides its newer younger brother The New iPad.    People like to complaint because there is too much hype going on everywhere.  Expectations run higher than ever because everybody’s voice can be heard in this the internet/blog days.     I recommend you try, experiment, compare, evaluate, analice what you need and then decide if the product is good or bad.   Don’t give in to the hype, it will mostly make you disappointed, and your expectations to reality ratio will be weighted to much on one side.

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