Kony 2012 a Fraud?

As many of you already know, the campaign known as Kony 2012 has been one of the most popular stories over the past week or so.   If you’ve been hiding in a cave and don’t know what’s about, let me give you a quick recap.   A group of young people called Invisible Children made a video to expose Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to the whole world.   This individual has been recruiting children over the past 35 years to his army sometimes raping them and making them kill their own families.     Through this video, Invisible Children as an non profit association want the U.S. government to be aware that even though they ignored their pleas for them to do something against this terrible man, the general public won’t take no for an answer.    The video took stage last wednesday and has been gathering support all over the U.S and some other countries.     There are some things that have come to my attention that makes me think twice about this.  Is this story for real or is their something going on that we don’t know?

There have been many suspicious things about the way this video came about.  For people that are putting the little money they have towards this cause, they sure made a pretty profesional video.  This was the first sign of possible foul play.   After making a little research I came about another video that opened my eyes.   Every single intervention by the United States of America in another country that has problems regarding some sort of dictator or terrorist group have always had a very good reason for the U.S. other than the publicized motive.  The oil in Irak and opium in Afghanistan come to mind.   There are things that I wouldn’t dare talking about with proper proof, nor I like to accuse without it, but there have been some fishy things going on and most of us know it but are afraid to admit it.

After 10 years of dealing with the consequences 9/11 brought, most people are tired of hearing about invasions, war, vengeance, retaliation, oil and religion.     There is also more and more information thanks to the social media phenomenon that exploded during this last decade.  Its not that easy to fool people anymore; a phony excuse to invade another country and destroy peoples lives isn’t as convincing as a few years back.   Well think twice!  If you’ve been following, the Kony video seems to be one of these artificial motives and if you analyze the situation you’ll quickly get it.    It dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason Uganda is suddenly so important.

The results that the video has gotten has been overwhelmingly positive.   People bought in to it and suddenly hate a man they have never heard about.   They believed everything the video said (I sure did) only because it touched us.   Now lets be objective, why does everything the video exposes have to be true?   Does any of us know the validity of the content presented in that video?    Do we still blindly believe everything that is thrown at us on the internet?   Man, I thought the day of the phony FWDS was gone.  Now we get smart, profesional viral videos and we are true believers.    As I said before, there are warlords here in America doing the same exact thing and nobody cares.

Joseph Kony hasn’t been in Uganda, as I reported last week, for years and still we want military action taken in that country.  Yeah, we can prevent more children from being abducted, but this mas probably isn’t looking to do this in that country alone, he might be doing it where he is lying today.    I have learned that Uganda has some very large crude oil reserves.  Does this sound like something somebody would be interested in?   Maybe.  Im not going to say this is the reason the Kony video is about, but hey, we should investigate before we believe everything we read, watch or listen in the internet.     I for one am seriously doubting the real purpose of this movement and will wait a little bit more before making judgement.     The good thing I saw with this is that people will unite for a cause, the bad thing, they will do it blindly if ticked in the right buttons.  Be careful!

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7 thoughts on “Kony 2012 a Fraud?

  1. Nos dejas a medias dude!?…weres the other video or links?…..anyways, Yo te informe a las 24 hrs que el video era FAKE y aun you bought it and posted on your FB wall, ok…..now…you believe me??
    Told ya so! Lo mas impresionante del movimiento de Kony ’12 es que millones de personas han donado desde 1 dolar hasta 2,000,000 dlls como Oprah. Leccion aqui: suckers are born every minute. Dudar siempre cuando te piden dinero para algoo. Peace.

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