Oscar week analysis 2012: Best Director

The best director category is a tricky one this year, this category doesn’t imply the winner of the Best Picture award, but some might think of it in that regard.    I for one don’t think that the winner of this award necessarily mean that his movie will win best picture.   This year we have some of the most proficient directors in the business with Martin Scorsese, Terrence Malick and Woody Allen and Alexander Payne as well as some new comers like Michael Hazanavicius with his multi award oscar favorite The Artist.   Who will win in this hotly contested category?  For me it is still a coin toss.

Michel HazanaviciusThe Artist

Alexander PayneThe Descendants

Martin ScorseseHugo

Woody Allen Midnight in Paris

Terrence Malick The Tree of Life

The Artist is a wonderful movie that is masterfully directed.  Hazanavicius might arguably deserve the prize as a default given his awesome work with this beautiful film.    His accomplishments alone up to this point tell you more about the momentum his movie is grabbing than what he actually did, which is a lot to say.  I love his directing in this movie and surely think he might grab the final prize.    The Descendants’ Alexander Payne honestly didn’t impress me with his work.  His movie isn’t my favorite this year and I still don’t understand all the hype.   I’m not a hater, I just didn’t connect with it at all.  That doesn’t mean his work is not good, I think the movie is pretty solid and everything just meshes quite well.

Hugo is quite an accomplishment.    Everything about the movie screams high production values.  I truly believe that Martin Scorsese did one of his best jobs yet with this movie, and still he might not win it.    The weakest thing about the movie its the storyline; with little to work with, he managed to make a fantastic magical film that appeals to anyone at any age.   I think his directing is fabulous and should be one of the favorites to win the prize.    Woody Allen also does his usual splendid job with Midnight in Paris, but he might be overlooked by the most hyped movies going in to the Oscars.   As for Terrence Malick, wow, I just don’t have words to describe the way his movie made me feel.  I must put him as the biggest underdog in this competition, and the most unlikely to win.   I’ll probably go with Martin Scorsese because he seems to have done the best with what he had and exceeded expectations.

Should Win:  Woody Allen

Will Win: Alexander Payne

The Republika’s Pick:  Martin Scorsese 

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