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I fell in love with food since the age of 5, I was a tiny spaghetti-looking girl with an appetite of an adult. As I grew up, I became very discriminating and strict about food. I have to thank my parents who educated my palate at a very young age.  As we all know, good food does not consist on spending thousands of dollars at a restaurant,  it all depends on the quality of the ingredients on a dish, the flavors, the cooking skills, and the presentation, to name a few. Whatever we order from a menu has to be reflected on the dish we are being served. And the most important:  the food we are eating has to fulfill our personal expectations and desires.

It all began at my great grandmother’s kitchen. Food is the most important element in an Italian family, it brings the family together and every topic is discussed around the kitchen. We had our very own organic vegetable farm. Farm to table daily meals, long before this became a lifestyle trend. My grandparents and my parents continued with this tradition. Between my Spanish-Mexican, and Italian heritage, and with the best family cooks in the kitchen, I grew up a food snob (as many friends would call me).

Finally, I am sharing my restaurant reviews for my friends, and for all you, my new friends. The ratings and reviews will consist on this:

Casual Dining

Fine Dining

Cheap Eats

A restaurant is no better or worse if it is a fork or a star. The rating depends on the quantity of forks or stars it gets. The fork, the star, or happy face is only used to distinguish if it is a fine dining, casual dining or a cheap-eat restaurant.

There are three requirements to be a Fine Dining Restaurant for Forks and Stars:

1. Menu: Usually, Fine Dining restaurants offer prix fixe menus that change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Or chefs tend to work with limited menus that are constantly updated with the food products of the season.

2. Service: Service should go beyond than just taking a regular order off the menu and delivering food. We, the diners expect the staff be rigorously trained on detail. The Service Staff should be able to answer any question about the menu or wine list. The staff should not be asking you every five minutes if you’re done if it seems you’re still eating. That is so annoying! And friendliness goes a long way.

3. Wine and Liquor Selection: Restaurants categorized as fine dining should carry a wine list with a wide selection of wines complimenting the menu. As well as a variety of liquors and after dinner drinks. It should also have its own sommelier experienced and knowledgeable.

At some Fine Dining Restaurants there is a dress code rule to follow.

Casual Dining: Any restaurant that does not complete the requirements for the Fine Dining category.

Cheap Eats: Good food for a great price. Fast-casual eateries for $12 dlls or less.

If you have any questions or need any restaurant recommendations please contact me at  I’m happy to guide you in your culinary adventure!

Cheap Eats review coming next Thursday…


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15 thoughts on “Forks and Stars Restaurant Reviews @ The Republika

  1. I loved your website and your introduction. I wish you great sucess with this fantastic endevour!!! I am a fan of FORKS & STARS!!! Looking forward to your reviews!!!! : D

  2. If something i know is when we talk about food, you know what your talking about!!!! i have always known that you should be a food critic!!!! I am Eager to read and follow your blog!!!!

    • Because I live in CA, most of the restaurant reviews will be from San Diego, California, and Baja, Mexico; but there is no geographical limit. A minimum of three visits to a restaurant is required for me to write its review.

  3. We are San Diego friends of your parents. Considering the wonderful restaurants to which they have taken us, esp Asau in Tecate, we eagerly await your reviews. Your love of good food is genetic.

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