So the PS Vita is out…


Last week Sony released their latest entry in the competed portable market, the powerful PSVita. With multiple sticks, buttons, touch pad and internet ready capabilities, the PS vita looks to be Sony’s last chance in establishing themselves as a contender in the world of mobile gaming.

So how can they compete in a market dominated by simple inexpensive games for mobile smart phones? Even the mighty Nintendo seems to be struggling with te 3DS. They have dominated for more than two decades but with the recent inclusion of gaming on mobile phones, sales have been going down the drain. People are not that interested in having full games at a full price in a portable format. The market has changed recently with the inclusion of one dollar games that bring more bang to the buck.

So does Sony have a winner here? I dont think so. Having awesome graphics on the go will help for a while but wont pass the ease of use and versatility that say an iPhone brings. My bet is that this is probably the last time Sony invests so much in a portable game system.

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2 thoughts on “So the PS Vita is out…

  1. To be fair once you stack the price up against a tablet, its pretty damn good value for money.
    Also Im not sure that those $1 games matter, those “casual” gamers are not who this machine is aimed at. not toe mention if rumours are true those same $1 games are going to be available on the Vita as well as “real” games.

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