Top 10 Depeche Mode Songs

This week on The Republika’s Top 10 we go and list the best songs by one of our favorite bands from the 80´s, Depeche Mode.   Our editors have picked their favorites and are ready to give their final verdict on which are the best songs by this great british band.    As much as we love the old stuff we were really surprised to find that most of the ten songs are from two albums from the late 80´s and early 90´s, hope you like what you see and are looking forward to your own Top 10.

10.-Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode’s biggest hit, initially composed by Martin Gore as a nice little balad, Alan Wilder stepped in and transformed it in to a glorious beat driven pop masterpiece.

9.-Master and Servant

Here you can clearly evidence DM at their height in experimenting with Sampling and the overall industrial sound of the mid 80′s

8.-A question of Lust

Martin Gore’s lyrical genious and vibrato voice in full to give this twisted and perverted love song its magic.


One of Violator’s most under acknowledged songs, great bassline, plus one of Anton Corbijn best DM video’s check out Goldfrapp’s cover of the song.

6.-Fly on the Windscreen

One of the highlights of the Tour of The Universe, this song is in every devoted Depeche Mode fan’s list, Martin Gore existentialist lyrics at its finest. Cult favorite.

5.-Personal Jesus

The first DM song to use guitars as the most prominent element, the most remixed DM song.

4.-World in my Eyes

Their greatest dance oriented track, amazing beats and great Flood sound production.

3.-It’s no good

DM return to form after Dave Gahan’s  drug induced problems, their first single as a three piece band (no more Alan Wilder) , also probably their sexiest tune, a great lyrical hook that everyone remembers “dont say you want me ….. dont say you need me..its understood”

2.-In Your Room

DM dark side at its finest.

1.-Walking in my Shoes

The song that encapsules everything about DM, the rock, the pop, the synthesizers,  great melodies,and tortured lyrics.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Depeche Mode Songs

  1. This is a hard list to compile, there are many that are missing. But I have to give it to you, “Walking in my shoes” in most def #1.

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