The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had.

They say that when you’re asked a question the first things that comes to your mind is the absolute truth. I’m not a psychologist but I think its right.

A few months ago I was at a dinner party with friends, and somebody asked, Whats the best meal you’ve ever had? As soon as they asked I knew the answer:  Cerveceria Catalana in Barcelona. I don’t really know if it was the cooking, the place or the service; I just know that it was the first place that came to mind, because I truly wished I was sitting there at that moment.

Three years ago after a trip to Paris with my girlfriend, we parted ways, she continued her European vacation with her family while I visited some friends in Barcelona. As soon as I arrived they told me I had to do two things:  leave my luggage and start walking towards Cerveceria Catalana. Being the foodie I am there was Only one thing to do.  Go!

Upon arrival, the first thing I see is 6 tables outside completely  full; inside, the same and about 20 people next to the door waiting to be seated. As some of you may know, I’m not a fan of waiting, but I’ve realized that when it comes to food, waiting because of demand is a good sign.  Thirty minutes later my friends and I are seated outside and given the menu. Oh Joy! It listed every single Tapa in Spain including Barcelona’s famous seafood: calamari, octopus, berberechos, fish and langoustines. But also the Spanish favorites, Jamon iberico, patatas bravas and so much more. So many wonderful things. We start of course with the ham then order the langoustines and then we order the langoustines again,  they were amazing, and continued our next couple of hours with the rest of the menu.

After all this food you remember that this place also serves beer, a wide variety of domestic and imported beers. After the first two we all become brew masters. Tasting one and the other, comparing to see who knows best. And of course we all think we do.

I’ve had  some amazing meals, but this one tops the list.  There’s nothing better than to spend a few hours without a care in the world, with great friends and great food. Next time you’re in Barcelona put Cerveceria Catalana on the top of your  list, who knows may be you’ll agree with me.

So if you love food its interesting to know. Whats the best meal you’ve ever had?

See  you next week

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5 thoughts on “The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had.

  1. Hi. Read your blog from a friend of a friend’s on FB and I’m not a fan of replying to someone’s blog, but couldn’t avoid the fact to mention that when in Spain, there’s is a huge-overrating on many tapa bars that I have come upon. I have not heard from this place yet, but one can’t know for sure until one dines in I guess. If you like to continue blogging food articles, I HIGHLY recommend to don’t let the readers hanging by just listing a menu and lacking info like a particular dish, flavor description, price range, atmosphere, chef recommendations, any pairings, “do-this-not-that”, etc. Don’t mean disrespect, but I have found some articles now a days that shrug off content, If you know what I mean. Check out GQ’s Alan Richman’s articles. I’m sure your experiences could be less inherent and more pleasurable for more readers to come and read this. Thanks and God bless.

  2. Thank you, for your comment. Alan Richman is one of my favorite food writers. I don’t usually talk about a do this not that, or chef recommendations. because most of the time I’m talking about my experience and what I would like is for you to experience it. I appreciate you taking the time in writing and having more content in our posts is the way we want to go. Since you were a first time reader please check out some of our other posts, especially A passion for food. That was my very first post. here is the link Again thank you and I hope you continue following us.

  3. I was working near Cerveseria Catalana for a few years, so we used to go there now and then after work or for lunch. Sadly its now in every guidebook and you’ll find there more tourists than locals. Nice place, but my favourite meal ever was definitely not there ;-)

  4. my best meal (dessert) ever is : french toaast @ BARDOT in MTY, Mexico!!!
    its a warm french toast filled with nutella or peanut butter with maple syrup ice cream!!!!

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