Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion now closer to iOS


With OSX Mountain Lion, released today as a beta for developers, Apple is integrating their mobile operating systems with its traiditional desktop system. This means that your Mac eill start looking more and more as your iPhone or iPad. What kind of features can we expect to see in this new upgrade? For starters we now have iMessages, notifications, social network integration, reminders, notes, game center, Twitter built-in sharing, airplay and more. Perhaps the biggest feature to be upgraded is the iColud service which will now include iWorks as one of its backup apps.

The future might include open functionality for other apps as well but this would mean that Apple must offer more free storage than what its offering (5GB) now. They must know the mistakes they made with MobileMe and not repeat them. IMesssages is also a very interesting new feature that has been talked about as an vital part of the integration between Apple’s products. File sharing via iCloud and iMessages is the inevitable future for Apple and we might start experiencing this as soon as today as we download the beta version from Apple’s website.

There will be more features that will make the Apple experience more uniform throughout their products such as Safari’s share button, which allos to do this for any webpage, document or photo. Notification system might be one of the biggest additions. As you may know, the notification system is an addictive one, knowing that something just happened is something most of us love (some might hate it). Mountain Lion might not come soon enough, as excitement builds up we’ll just have to wait with our new iMessages service to get a glimpse of the future.

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