The Republika’s Top Ten Debut Albums Of The Last 30 Years: Part I

After much debate, we at The Republika have finally settled on which debut albums have been the most significant and influential for the last 30 years.  Off course its basically limited to rock music, because well that’s what we people from The Republika have been listening to for that period of time.  If anyone wants to do the Top Broadway Show Tune Albums of the last 30 years, feel free to open your own blog.  So here we go Part I from Position No. 10 to No. 5:

10. The Strokes – Is This It (2001)

This album is one of those game changers that come every 10 years or so in the world of music, it was like an awakening for rock and roll, and it changed the musical landscape for the next decade by opening the floodgates for dozens of Indie hipster rock outfits on both sides of the Atlantic, and as a bonus they brought skinny jeans back in fashion.

9. Madonna – Madonna (1983)

I know what your thinking, these guys have gone soft, maybe, but come on this album paved the way for an amazingly long and successful career and influenced a bunch of wannabes till this day, she practically invented the pop diva persona on her own, if you listen you will hear some really interesting and innovative dance beats that at the time were pretty foreign for pop music.

8. Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine

This is the most successful industrial rock album ever and when the songs off this album started charting in the U.S. the American mainstream audience discovered a sound that during that moment in time seemed out of this world, it was also one of the first hits for an independently recorded artist.

7.  Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)

If this wasn’t such a recent album, i mean its only been 7 years since it was released I would put it way up there with some of the classics it really is that good, its the indie-rock gem of our time,  a conceptual album that reminds us of those vinyl lp’s we use to love, its an emotional roller coaster of sound and feeling.

6.  Beastie Boys – License To Ill (1986)

That’s right the Beastie Boys, i know some of you haters out there will be possibly shocked that this album was included, yet License to ill did more towards changing the musical landscape then probably any other recording until this day.  Three Jewish guys from Brooklyn rapping and mixing rock samples with street beats and a punk sensibility was really unheard of at that time, that fusion has since been repeated a million times over, but these guys are the original masters.

The Smiths – The Smiths (1984).

Even though The Smiths were more of a singles band, their debut album a collection of previously released singles,  changed the landscape of 80s Brit rock that at the time was dominated by synthesizer based bands and new wave fluff bands, its guitar base sound reminiscent of 60s rock and roll bands, was quite a change of pace from everything that was on the radio at the time.

End of Part I Position 10 to 5

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