Food and The RepubliKa: Sin City Lesson

I have to go to Las Vegas this week for work,  you can imagine the joy it brings  me to go to a place that has so many amazing restaurants. I will be there for 2 days and I have been wondering where I should have a nice dinner.

In a city with so many famous chefs with amazing restaurants like Bobby Flay, Nobu Matsuhisa, Julian Serrano, Mario Batali, Michelin Super Star Chefs, Thomas Keller and Joel Robuchon (the list goes on and on), its enough to make a foodie go crazy.

So thinking about it, and yes it’s something that takes me time to decide, I remembered one of the best dinner experiences I’ve had in my life: The S.W. Steakhouse at the Wynn.  Not only is it one of the most delicious restaurants in Las Vegas but it has an amazing wine list.

That is where my Sin City Lesson comes in: The Wine List.  SW has 6 sommeliers at dinner service who are fine gentleman who know what they are talking about.  I am not an expert on wine but I know what I like, or so I thought. I had a bad habit of looking at a wine list and ordering a wine that I’ve  had many times or ordering a wine I have never heard of that was in my price range. Even with these bad habits, I’ve had some great hits but also some very unfortunate misses.

Having small talk with our sommelier, I think he noticed that I had no clue of what I was going to order so he asked me “What do you like in a wine?”  I answered  “full-body and fruity” (I tend lean towards sweeter wines).  I also told him my price: 150 dlls. He immediately talked about a syrah, which is one of my favorites, but this is where it gets interesting.  He went to the wine cellar for about 15 min and came out with 3 wines that had 3 thngs in common: all in my price range, all syrah and all of them I had never heard of.  We ended up deciding on an Australian wine with a very simple label (I have always regretted not writing down).  After he opened it, as only a professional sommelier can, I tasted the most amazing Syrah i’ve ever had in my life.

After dinner and some delicious port wine which he also recommended and a little more small talk, he said “It’s been a pleasure being able to do my job with you”. Lesson learned!  When you are in a restaurant looking at an extensive wine list and you don’t know what to order, let the sommelier help you.  I can assure you that you’re in for a treat and they will appreciate your trust in what they have spent years studying.

So yes, my only dinner in Vegas this week will be at the S.W. again. I look forward to learning more about wine with the help of one of their outstanding sommeliers.

See you next week. Cheers.

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