Videogame Review: FIFA Soccer 2012 – (iOS)

For .99 cents it was a no brainer to get this game for the iPad 2.   I wouldn’t have bought it for the regular price considering my previous experiences with EASports games for the iOS, specifically Fight Night Champion and Madden NFL 12.    Both very bad games, unplayable for the experienced console gamer, they seem to be rushed products.  But hey, for 99 cents I was willing to try the new FIFA which by the way had good reviews.   So I went and downloaded it and found out that it was a full fledged game that looked every bit as good as the old Playstation 2 versions of the franchise.

The game has all the features you would expect from the FIFA series, including manager mode which is basically a franchise mode for soccer.   Gameplay relies on the use of touch buttons that work fairly well and aren’t that much of a hassle.   At first, if you are used to the console experience you’ll surely feel awkward with the control system, but if you give it a shot and play a couple of games, you’ll soon be enjoying the game to the fullest.   I must say I didn’t expect it to be as good of a game as it is, it may not rival it’s console cousins, but it’s a pretty solid game for a mobile device like the iPad.  It does work a lot better in the tablet that with the phone, so I highly recommend that you use it with the iPad, and if you have Apple TV you can use mirroring and play it on the TV set.    It also has the option to use a bluetooth device as a controller for those playing it on the Apple TV or with a stand.

FIFA 2012 is a solid game for mobile devices that is worth every cent with their promotional price that is still on today.  Go ahead and buy this game, don’t have a doubt.

SCORE 7.9 out of 10.0

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