RIM now worth less than the Apple App Store


As predicted, Research In Motion’s demise is just around the corner. Earlier last week it was reported that the value of RIM was now less than the value of Apple’s App Store. As you can see, not only is the company reaching all time low’s with the value of their stock, this is also reflected with the attitude within the company itself. First of all, their much hyped new operating system has been delayed for the second half of 2012. While this by itself is a big blow for the company it also means that by the time it releases, iOS 6 will be out and Android will also have released a new update on their own operating system, making RIM’s update completely obsolete by the time it’s out. The end of the Blackberry era is coming and there is nothing that can be donde about it. Prepare yourself to finally hear the final bell for RIM in the next two years.

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