North Korea: Kim’s son, Jong Un, Likely Successor

The youngest son of late N. Korean leader Kim Jong Il was called a “great successor” by Korea’s state news agency KCNA, in what is believed to be the first real signal of things to come, reports  He is reported to be a “Great successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche and outstanding leader of our party, army and people”.  Juche is what they call their home ground political ideology of self reliance.   There were rumors as early as a couple of years ago, than when Kim died his successor would likely be his youngest son.   Even though some believe he is still a Kid, it seems as no surprise, at least to us, that he is already being mentioned as the next great leader.

Not much is known about the kid, even at this stage of the situation; there doesn’t seem to be any indication as weather he was being groomed to be the next headman of his country.   He’s already a General and has had an important political diplomatic visit with China.    Jong Un presented himself to the destitute North’s main benefactor.   The media already called him the “young general”.    He is well studied though, knowing at least three languages (English, German, and his native Korean).  It is said that if he ever fulfills what seems to be his imminent destiny, he will govern in the same militaristic path his father was embarking.

Last year there were signs of things to come when Kim gave his young son a prominent political post and officially blessed as the leader in waiting.   The problem lies in what is known of the young son of the great leader, his mother is believed to be a japanese professor who’s status with Kim was never fully known.   Was she his wife at the time young Jong was conceived?   There aren’t many indicators of what kind of person or background Jong Un has, but the bigger problem lies in the perception Koreans have of a youngster taking the throne in a society which values eldership.  Let’s see what this brings the following days.

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