So the NBA is coming back…. I don’t care, lets start playing checkers.

Really?  I know fans waited for this moment to come, but come on, for the rest of us that don’t give a damn it’s just adding insult to injury.  The season will allegedly start December 25 just in time for one of the biggest NBA games of the year.   As of now, the idea is that teams would play a 66 game season ending about 10 days later than usual.  The NBA Finals would be June 26, and the fans will have what they wanted.    Players still need to approve the deal, but it’s highly unlikely they wont.

Players LeBron James and Dwane Wade expressed their excitement, and were glad that a deal was almost finalized.    I don’t really care what happens.  To me the season has ended and I don’t plan on watching it.    The greediness presented by the players and the owners is way beyond what I would think is fair for the fans.    Prices are over the top, and with the economy we are living these days it isn’t nice to see these guys trying to abuse the fans buying power.    I’ll just sit on the bench and start playing checkers until baseball season begins.

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