New discoveries add to the Stonehenge Mystery.

Those rocks in England that represent mysticism and ancient energy gathering now have two new reasons to continue having this reputation.    Recent investigations have led researchers to find two pits to the east and west of Stonehenge that may have played a role in ancient midsummer ceremonies.  The discovery of these pits suggests that a larger scheme of energy was in place and that Stonehenge itself might only be part of a bigger puzzle.

These new discoveries can lead researchers to fully understand what these rocks really meant, and what their real purpose might have been.   Many have suggested different theories regarding Stonehenge reason of being, but all has just been ideas and suppositions.    There hasn’t been real proof of what these rocks mean and what their purpose was. With this new findings, new clues and ideas will begin to be unveiled, and researchers and investigators can start making new theories of what all these might have been for in the first place.

Even now, a few days after de discoveries, there are new theories beginning to surface.  One suggests that if you stand on the Heel Stone, you can clearly observe the sun rising on the eastern pit on the summer solstice (the longest day of the year)  and set itself exactly on the western pit.    These pits may have had a role in the setting of the stones that finally led to what we now know as Stonehenge.   Another observers says that if you measure the distance of the pits to stonehenge the procession would reach exactly halfway at midday, so the sun would be directly at the top of Stonehenge.

What will ultimately be the final conclusion of what Stonehenge objective was is only a mystery and may still take years to develop.   What we now know, is that the stones by themselves don’t have the answers we are looking for, we need to start relating it to other nearby monuments or pits that may be still hidden under the floor.   Surveys will continue to be made to reach these answers.

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