Black Friday Violence, 2 Shot, 15 Pepper Sprayed

The holiday season starts out with a BANG! Literally speaking.   Two men were shot after, one critically injured after attempting armed robbery.    Many of the incidents were at many Walmart’s across the nation.   There were also 15 people pepper sprayed by an angry shopper.    I’ve never been a big fan of holiday shopping because of these kind of incidents.   People get overly anxious and desperate in getting the best gifts, sometimes taking their desperation to levels of violence that seem inhuman.

The Holidays are days of celebrating love and caring.   People have forgotten this and base their happiness on material and superficial stuff.  Violence like the ones experienced yesterday are contrairy to what the holidays are all about and tell us a lot of what’s wrong with society today.  Recent incidents regarding taking over Wall Street and such, are direct results of the mindset the whole country and the world are experiencing these days.   Society is imploding on the decisions taken by our own elected leaders throughout the years, and the system we’ve come to know is showing the flaws that many had envisioned years before.

We need to start reevaluating the way we educate our children and make sure these values are not overlooked.   Love, care, giving and such should still be the main focus of the holidays, not having the best toys, electronics, clothes or other superficial nonsense.   We should start celebrating what is truly valuable in life, and that is life itself.

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