So there is going to be a Facebook Phone…… Ok.

I just heard Facebook is attempting to enter uncharted territories, or so they say.   In just a few years the guys from Harvard have managed to insert new meaning to a word that meant little.  They have made people think you must be demented if you are not part of their site.  Hell, they even managed to be the inspiration of an actually really good movie.   So it’s no surprise they are entering the mobile phone, or should i say, hand held computer market.   Facebook is denying the story as it is still a year and a half away from release and they don’t want to be giving ideas to their competitors.

I think this actually isn’t that good of an idea.   Why would the social network giant go about and enter the mechanical world of computers?  They already have the largest user based social network in America and are on most mobile phone through Android an iOS operating systems, why would they risk having to make their own telephone just to do everything?  I think this is more ego driven than business oriented.   I really don’t see them succeeding on this one.  I could be wrong though, i’ve been known to have said that Google + would unseat Facebook eventually and I don’t see that as a possibility given that the newest social network doesn’t seem to be doing things right with their ugly platform.    Let’s se what happens, for now i’m gonna update my Facebook status, people are waiting to see what i’m up to.   Just kidding.

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