Movie Review: Real Steel

Just what we needed, a new version of Rocky.  Soon we’ll be getting futuristic versions of Gone with the Wind and Casablanca.   Hugh Jackman is an interesting actor.  His role as the Wolvering is powerful enough to make us forget about his other roles.   With this new movie, he enters the world of boxing in the future, a retired boxer who fights robots for a living.   It sort of reminds me of About a Boy mixed with Rocky.   

So how does it stack up to the old classic?   Well i’ve never been fond of ripoffs, even though my favorite band does it all the time, and this one doesn’t fare any better.   This movie comes at a time when my dad has been struggling with health issues, so the father-son theme is emotionally strong on me.    Maybe that little extra gives it an extra point or two in my book, but i’ll try to be objective.

The movie starts off with a fight in a bull ring in an old town.   It’s a robot against a bull, right there you already know what kind of movie it’s going to be.    A fun yet not serious enough flick.   The robot CGI design is cool, but way too cartoony for my taste.   Physics aren’t right, they don’t look realistic enough because of this.  They are shiny, and visually look as if they were there, but once they start moving, everything comes to an end.  Right there the movie ends for me.  It becomes a fantasy.    You know, once you remember it’s just a movie the magic ends.

Once the kid come in to play, it’s the typical dad/kid/girlfriend trio of drama.   A reckless dad that is educated by his abandoned son who doesn’t give a crap.  A tough girlfriend who happens to be a mechanic.    Doesn’t it all sound like a big cliché?   Well it is.   The worst part is, it copies the rest of the plot to an Oscar winning Best Picture.   Musically (they totally rip off rocky on this one), story wise, and of course…   well, i won’t ruin it for you.

I want to point out that i was a big  Evangeline Lily fan in Lost, but she doesn’t seem to fit the big screen actress role, at least just yet.    She may be the type of actress that should forever stay at the TV level.    As for the Kid, he does the job as good as it can be done, he seems perfect for the role, and is a big part of the success of this movie.    Still, i’m a hater for rip offs, and this one does a great job of doing it, i know i already mentioned it, but i just can’t stand it.

But i’ll tell you something, the movie is still entertaining, it still happens to grab your attention, and for the regular Joe, it’s a winner.    People were cheering in the end.  It’s a definite feel good movie.  The kid is smart, the girl is tough, and the hero, well, is no hero, but he’s cool.   I’m guessing most people will like the movie, go home feeling good, and like my nephew, start throwing punches in “inspired mode”.

6.2 out of 10.0

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One thought on “Movie Review: Real Steel

  1. Real Steel is a blast, an unabashed crowd-pleaser that mixes Rocky, Transformers, video games and father-son bonding to great, if corny, effect. Still didn’t need to be 127 minutes though. Nice review.

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