Steve Jobs finally steps down as Apple CEO

After 14 years as Apple CEO, Steve Jobs finally gave up as Apple CEO due to Health complications.   Mr. Jobs has battled Pancreatic Cancer, survived it but has been left weakened to the point that he can no longer do his regular job as the computer mega company’s CEO.       This doesn’t mean that he isn’t running the show.    He may be leaving the title to Tim Cook, but he is still the head of the company.

Mr. Jobs single handedly changed the way we use our computers and mobile devices, as well as revolutionize the music industry.    The iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad all came under his leadership.   He patented all the forms of the iPhone, and invented the all in one computer.       I myself think of him as the most influential person in the computer industry in the last 20 years.

For now, he will probably assume the role of the Emperor, controlling the tech world behind a chair through the face of Mr. Cook.     This isn’t the demise of Apple, it’s the start of the future for the company.    Steve hasn’t left the building just yet.

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