Entourage “Motherf*cker” Review

The show is moving forward and now has two consecutive good episodes.   The first reason this episode was awesome was the girls.    Sloan is back, and they introduce a new love interest for Vince.     Sloan’s ex step mother also makes an appearance, and she is hot.    Ari’s wife is still anorexic, but can’t deny that she is still somewhat sexy.  So, all and all girls are back and hollywood is back.

I love the way the different plot lines are moving.   All seem to be going in the right direction and leave us wanting a little bit more.   Eric’s relationship with Sloan has always been a highlight of the show and is getting a little bit more interesting now that they have all these problems going on.   She is acting like most girls act when they break up; she still thinks she has a right to demand him answers for his actions.      We all know they’ll probably end up together in the end, but they are making it interesting.

Vince does a Vanity Fair interview and is surprised to see that the interviewer is a really hot foreign girl that is really professional about her job and wont get caught up with Chase’s charms.   I love her forced accent, the way she pronounces “Turtle” was real rough on my ears.    Ari Gold is also having a real tough time with his marriage, and is starting to jeopardize his business by having an affair with Dana Gordon.   To our surprise, this turns out to be a very strange situation that has me wanting more.

Johnny Drama still doesn’t seem to get a break.   He tries to convince Andrew Clay Dice to come back to their show, but fails miserably.   Drama makes a tough decision that may or may not leave him out of a job.    I’m not caring enough for him this season and really want him to go away.   Turtle is lost in the mix though, and the only thing worth mentioning is that he is getting skinnier by the minute.

All in all it keeps the good taste in my mouth that last week’s show left me, and can’t wait to see what next week’s show will bring to the table.

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