Coldplay @ LA and Jimmy Kimmel Show

I was at the Coldplay concert last night at the UCLA Tennis Center in Los Angles California.   Two songs were recorder for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Charlie Brown and Every teardrop is a Waterfall, they were played twice because of this.   This of course made the setlist a little bit shorter with songs like Shiver and The Hardest Part being left out for this particular show.

It was nice to attend a show on very short notice and off tour.   It made it special even though the show itself wasn’t anything to write home about.      The highlights of the show were “The Scientist”  and “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”.   “Fix you” and “Yellow” were also two of the best moments of the concert.

This is only the second time i go to a Coldplay concert and my experience was exactly the same.   Good songs with a better than average show.     Chris Martin’s voice does sound very good live and i can say that he is a great frontman.   He was excited to be here and sung some new songs that were received pretty well by the crowd.    I did like them a lot and am looking forward to the new album.

Every now and then you get to go to an event you weren’t planning on going and end up having lots of fun.   This was one of those moments and the whole roadtrip from San Diego was half the fun.

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