Batman still a badass

Batman is still the king of all superheroes for me.   Even though Superman was my first hero, i don’t think he makes much sense to me anymore.     First lets compare outfits.   Superman’s blue and red classic outfit is still very cool, but lets face it, it can’t compete with the all black, plastic, bullet proof, tech crazy Bat-fit.   If you add the mystery behind the mask, you have a complete bad ass of a super hero.   Superman doesn’t wear makeup, a mask or anything to cover his real identity.   As a matter of fact, his alter-ego, Clark Kent is the one who disguises himself with glasses.

And speaking of Alter-Ego’s, isn’t Bruce Wayne a badass too?   He has a lot of money, he’s a chick magnet, smart, a Don Draper like attitude and all the smarts he could ever need.    On the other hand, Kent is more like the man we don’t want to be.

In the end, Batman seems more like an adult oriented super hero, while Superman still appeals more to kids.   I won’t deny i still get the chills whenever i hear the John Williams Superman Theme, but i guess it’s more related to nostalgia than admiration for the so called king of superheroes.

With the third movie in the current series looking to come out next year, the Dark Knight’s reign as the current leader of the super hero pack will continue on.

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